Covid secure swimming in Northampton

Children's swimming lessons in Northampton with Water Wizards Swim School at NSG and NSB

We are excited to welcome you back!

To keep everyone safe, we are taking a cautious and measured approach while considering the Governments, Swim England, STA, and our pool operator’s Covid-19 safety guidance. We have made changes to help with our phased return to swimming and whilst things may not be the same as before, if we all work together to follow the new Covid secure swimming guidelines, stay at home if unwell and practice social distancing, your Wizards can enjoy all the fun and health benefits of swimming again. Be assured our lessons will continue to be fun, progressive, and most importantly as safe as possible!

Phase 1 will involve swimmers from Stages 4-10 starting back first. We absolutely love teaching our beginner Stage 1 & 2 Red Hats and Stage 3 Yellow Hats but would like to give them time to settle back into school and experience social distancing prior to joining us again later when safe to do so. Additionally, during Phase 1 teachers will not be in the water and will be teaching from the poolside.

We know that many of the measures we have been told to implement are hugely disappointing and certainly not something we wanted, but we realised early on without such mitigation, we would not be able to offer swimming lessons again. Ultimately, these measures are a temporary response to the current Covid-19 threat and will be continually reviewed by all parties and when safe, reduced to allow us to do more.

Some of the steps we are taking

Lesson times have been adjusted to allow for social distancing, enhanced cleaning and disinfection between sessions with a focus on frequently touched surfaces, changing rooms and pool equipment.   

Thorough hand hygiene with sanitiser stations at the entrance, exit and on poolside.

Wizards will remain in their class Stage bubbles from entry to exit. Class times have been staggered to reduce mixing with other Stage bubbles.

  • We have produced independently verified risk assessments, enhanced cleaning regimes and relevant best practice guidance.
  • All team members will be temperature checked prior to starting and will wear face shields/coverings where appropriate.
  • Lessons times have been adjusted or staggered to ensure Stages finish at different times to reduce bubbles mixing.
  • Each class will have their own set of equipment that will be sanitised after use.
  • To better achieve social distancing, teachers will deliver from poolside.

Some of the steps pool operators are taking

NSB and NSG have introduced their own Covid-19 rules and procedures that we must all follow in order to use the pool facilities during the current pandemic. Your cooperation is required and very much appreciated.

From entry to exit your Wizard will notice new one-way systems, social distancing markers and clear signage to remind everyone to keep apart.

Chlorine levels in the pools have been adjusted. The available evidence shows that the physical effect of the pool water and an appropriate relationship between free chlorine and pH value should inactivate the virus within 15-30 seconds.

PWTAG Technical Note 46

Pool ventilation systems will be providing 100% fresh air to the pool hall along with doors/windows being open where safe to do so.

The NSG & NSB pools are self contained and will have access restricted to pool users only. To maintain social distancing, the maximum bather load in the pools have been reduced and changing rooms will be exit only.

  • To reduce time spent in the changing rooms, swimmers will be asked to arrive “beach ready” with swimwear under easy to remove clothing on poolside.
  • Showers will not be available until further notice so swimmers will need to shower at home, before and after swimming.
  • Changing rooms will be exit only (used only after swimming) with reduced maximum occupancy levels.
  • Swimmers exiting lessons will be given a 10-minute window to briefly dry, dress and leave the facility (NSB).
  • Lots of our swimmers already choose to bring a onesie, dry robe, or poncho towel to go home in after a brief towel dry in the changing rooms. We ask that all swimmers adopt this where possible to minimise time spent in the changing rooms.
  • Teachers will wear face shields/face coverings where appropriate.

Some steps we are asking you to take

To keep everyone safe and comply with all Covid 19 guidelines your visit to NSG & NSB will be different from before. Please be assured these changes have been made with the aim of giving your Wizards the best possible safe experience with the minimum disruption.

Please do not attend lessons if you or a member of your household is showing ANY symptoms of Covid-19 (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) has knowingly been in contact with someone displaying symptoms or have a confirmed case of Covid-19. Remain at home and contact 111 for advice.

To reduce time spent in the changing rooms, swimmers will need to arrive “beach ready” (with swimwear underneath clothing) and to shower at home, before and after swimming.

To maintain social distancing and to comply with pool operators’ procedures we are only permitted extremely limited numbers of Parents/Guardians on site.

Face coverings are mandatory for all adults and swimmers over the age of 11 entering the facility (unless medically exempt) and must always be worn. Face coverings for swimmers under the age of 11 will be optional. Swimmers face coverings must be removed during lessons.

Pool specific Covid 19 procedures

If you swim at NSB – please take the time to carefully read your swimmers pool specific Covid 19 procedures by clicking here.

If you swim at NSG – please take the time to carefully read your swimmers pool specific Covid 19 procedures by clicking here.

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