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NSG Spring 2023 Pool Procedures

The welfare and safety of everyone remains our highest priority. We have introduced the following measures which we ask all Parents/Guardians to read and adopt prior to starting. We appreciate your patience, cooperation and understanding.

How to avoid catching and spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) NHS guidance can be found here. The Government Coronavirus: how to stay safe and help prevent the spread guidance can be found here.

Super impressed today! You have all worked really hard… it was organised, safe and well thought out! Well done Zoe… you and your team did yourselves proud!

E, Northampton

Preparing for your Wizards swimming lessons

Do not attend lessons if you or your swimmer has a confirmed case of Covid-19.

Please consider that seating on poolside is extremely limited. To prevent overcrowding and to comply with the school’s fire procedures, we can only admit one adult per swimmer into the pool facility with a maximum total of two adults if you have 2 or more swimmers attending lessons. We do not allow standing or overcrowding of the spectator area/corridor.

For Stages 3-10 to reduce time spent in the changing rooms, swimmers will need to arrive “beach ready” with swimwear under easy to remove clothing.

Arriving at the pool

  • Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of your swimmer’s lesson as entry to the facility is not possible until your swimmers allocated time.
  • For yellow hats and above (Stages 3-10). We can only admit one adult per swimmer into the pool facility (with a maximum total of two adults if you have 2 or more swimmers) to spectate if required. If you are dropping off a swimmer (and not spectating) please remain in your car or leave the school site until 5 minutes before the end of your swimmer’s lesson ready to meet them at the pool entrance.
  • Red hat swimmers (Stages 1-2) will require a Parent/Guardian to enter the changing rooms to supervise and help their swimmer get changed and then spectate in the normal way.
  • Unfortunately, due to very limited space no prams or pushchairs are allowed within the pool building including the corridor, changing areas or poolside.

A member of the Water Wizards team will be greeting everyone at the pool entrance so please step aside/wait when asked if your entry or exit point is blocked/in use.

To minimise time spent in the changing rooms

  • Stages 3-10 (Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black/Silver Hat) swimmers will need to arrive “beach ready” with swimwear under easy to remove clothing.
  • For Stage 1-2 (Red Hat) swimmers the changing rooms will be available to change before their lesson.
  • Everyone must remove outdoor footwear before entering the changing rooms and place them on the racks provided. You are welcome to bring clean indoor flip-flops/sliders/over shoes or any other non-slip suitable footwear to change into after removing your outdoor shoes.

After your Wizards swimming lesson

  • To prevent overcrowding, 5 minutes before your swimmer’s lesson finishes, you will be asked to leave the spectator area.
  • All swimmers will be given a 10-minute changing window after lessons to briefly dry, dress and leave the facility. Lots of our swimmers already choose to bring a onesie, dry robe, or poncho towel to go home in after a brief towel dry in the changing rooms. We ask that ALL swimmers adopt this where possible to minimise time spent in the changing rooms.
  • Only adults with Red hat swimmers / a swimmer under the age of 8 / swimmers who may need assistance changing / or we have agreed with you should enter the changing rooms after lessons. 5 minutes before their lesson finishes, please leave the spectator area and enter the changing rooms via the changing room doors on poolside.
  • If you are just spectating a swimmer, please leave the spectator area via the corridor after their lesson has finished and wait for them to get changed outside the pool front door.

Leaving the facility

  • Swimmers will not be permitted to leave until a member of our team can verify your identity. If not spectating please be ready to collect promptly 5 minutes before the end of your swimmer’s lesson using the signposted area.
  • We ask that everyone leaves the facility promptly without chatting or congregating.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and willingness to support us!

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