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Swim England Learn To Swim Awards

Moving up a Stage (Red, Yellow, Green Hats etc) is a very big achievement that can take many months to accomplish. If a swimmer doesn’t quite meet the criteria to complete a Stage, we offer an “interim award” either from Swim England (SE) or the Swimming Teachers Association (STA). We do this to encourage and allow our swimmers to have something to show for their efforts regardless of whether they are moving up a Stage or not. These interim awards will show some of the skills a swimmer has achieved throughout the swim term.

To gain an award the teacher will have a task sheet and once the child has completed the task (and the teacher is satisfied that the child can do the skill competently more than once) the teacher will sign it off. Your swimmer is being continually assessed over the course and is not required to perform on one particular day.

A list of our Swim England learn to swim awards in Northampton
Swim England Learn to Swim Badges
The learn to swim stage 1-7 awards make up the core, national syllabus of learning to swim for primary school aged children
Children's swimming lessons that follow the Swim England Learn To Swim Programme
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